What’s hot and what’s not!

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Main stream running shoe categories is here to stay, Minimal will find it’s place on the wall with the Racing Flats, Barefoot Skins/Shoes will become a tool for runners trying to improve their running form and thank God that Toning shoes are finally dead. Let me know what you guys think?


Running Has grown leaps and bounds in the Philippines! I am so proud of my Roots……

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Proud to be Pinoy! When I started this Blog 3 years ago, There were no Specialty Running Shops yet! The intention was to Help fellow Pinoy Runners answer questions about their running equipment needs, Different types of running shoes,Proper fitting etc…… Look where Running in the Philippines is now! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy……. Can’t wait to see Filipinos running and winning prestigious events in the future!

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Now is the best time to buy the Asics GT-2130! Hurry!!!!

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Hurry up! The new Asics GT-2140 is coming out this November 2008 and only  Asics Gold Accounts Stores will get it! The official release of this shoe is on the 1st of January 2009.

This will be your best chance to own the running shoes considered to be the best ever in the stability category the last 10 years. The GT-2130’s would normally go on sale by now and they won’t last long in the stores. Get them now on sale while sizes are still available! $95.00 is the MSRP and should go down to at least $60 or even lower.

Happy Hunting!

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Hello Pinoy Runners worldwide!

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Hello Pinoy Runners! I am “The Running Shoe Guru” I’ve been in the running shoe industry for the last 11 years! Currently, I own a Specialty Running Shop that  was voted one of the best in Los Angeles! I Met BaldRunner in my store last month and started looking into what is going on in the Philippine running community.

I saw a number of running equipment related questions being ask in a lot of the running blogs. I just thought I open my own Blog  to share my expertise on running equipments to all the Filipino runners out there worldwide and in the Philippines!

So here I am, throw me any technical questions about  running shoes, apparel, accessories and even nutritional supplements! I am also exposed to all injury preventing devices in the running industry since we cater to Most of the Podiatrist, Physical Therapist, Sports Medicine Doctors and even Chiropractors in our Neighborhood! 

Gotta Run,

The Running Shoe Guru